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Bob Bracey, Director, FFP International Search

Bob Bracey, Director

Bob has been working for and running Search Companies since 1989. He has the responsibility for FFP's Delivery Function as well as being responsible for a number of key client relationships and the operations side of the business. Bob has an appetite for excellence and he and his team leave no stone unturned, to ensure that our clients make great hires! Over the years Bob has helped clients recruit and build profitable business in most countries across EMEA enabling him to offer real value and advice to businesses wherever they are looking to hire.

When Bob isn't at work, he is kept busy by his wife, 3 sons and their hectic sporting and social calendar.

Tim Cracknell, Director, FFP International Search

Tim Cracknell, Director

Since starting in the industry in the late 1980's, Tim has gained vast experience running, driving and delivering business. His experience is vast, including recruiting Directors in Moscow, spending £1M per annum of clients money on advertising, and engaging directly with business leaders to help them develop their Teams and businesses. His passion for facts and his direct/deliberate approach allows him to really understand clients HCM needs and propose solutions that provide real choice, ensuring that the person hired is "Fit For Purpose". Tim demands openness and honesty and clients really want to do things properly and seem to enjoy working with him.

Outside of work Tim is rushing around with his wife and 3 daughters and any opportunity for fun, he grabs.

Tori Dalaimo, Manager Project Delivery, FFP International Search

Tori Dalaimo, Manager Project Delivery

Tori joined the business in 2008 and has built and now leads our multi-lingual project delivery team. She really drives the process to ensure all relevant candidates are identified and engaged with. Her attention to detail is legendary and her superb communication and interpersonal skills allow her to really engage with prospective candidates in a fast and efficient manner. Prior to joining us she had worked in the IT Search business for a number of years helping companies hire great people. Tori has a busy life when not at work spending time with family and friends.