Our focus is on assessing, analysing and searching harder for people who are ‘Fit For Purpose’

FFP provides proactive and fast-paced executive search and selection services to businesses across the technology industry - from established public multinational vendors to Fintech start-ups. Our aim? To provide a solution tailored to each client's needs a solution that will be delivered within 3-4 weeks and consists of a shortlist that will always be ‘Fit For Purpose’.

We believe that knowledgeable and open client communication is key. To get the best candidates, we need to go way beyond a job description and understand each unique hire for you in a wider context. Only then can we ensure that the candidates we present you with have both the skills and the motivation to join your team. Our approach is designed to ensure we can do the job properly and deliver a tailored and relevant message to the candidates we engage with, thus resulting in the successful delivery of tailored recruitment projects - on time and in budget.

Our model is geared towards pace of execution, with quality and attention to detail at every stage of the recruitment process, establishing a successfully managed campaign that produces great hires. After all, doing things properly once will cost far less than hiring the wrong person or failing to hire.

Please explore our website and, if you are like-minded and don’t believe in compromising when hiring, let’s chat.


We can provide a thorough Research and Mapping service too

As part of our thorough search and selection process, we can offer a bespoke market intelligence service that’s clearly defined by each client’s needs. This output is a really useful tool in providing an in-depth picture of the talent and skill available in a specific market or sector and/or on a regional basis. For example, you might want to understand how your competitors’ businesses are structured or which partners to approach. list of prospective customers might be useful, or maybe you need a salary survey of your market sector to ensure you’re competitive. Our Research Group have the knowledge, network and resources to help you. To understand more about our business and how we could be a partner of real value that delivers people who are ‘Fit For Purpose’, give us a call.


Take brief from the client and prepare Recruitment Document to include company info, job spec, candidate profile and "Fit For Purpose" assessment criteria

Brief FFP Research team leading to the identification of relevant candidates with the right skills

Approach targeted individuals informing them confidentially and discretely about the opportunity and assessing their suitability

FFP interviews interested candidates, briefing them on the opportunity and ensuring they are "Fit For Purpose"

FFP shortlisted candidates' CVs and assessment criteria presented to the client, and client interviews completed

The client offers role and package to chosen candidate and FFP manages the offer process to a successful hire

Week 1

Week 2-4

Week 4-6

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